Frequently Asked Questions


What is MLB Champions

MLB Champions / MLB Crypto Baseball was the first sports based NFT collectibles to partner with MLB / MLBPA to create official baseball NFTs. The game ran from 2018 - 2020. The minted MLBC NFT assets live on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do I access my old MLBC figures?

Figures from 2018 were all minted to the Ethereum blockchain and can be accessed directly from the ETH contract that manages the NFTs. Websites like OpenSea.io or CryptoSlam.io can be used to explore MLBC Figures that were minted to the blockchain. In 2019 & 2020 figure minting became optional, only minted figures exist on the blockchain, purely digital figures and unminted figures cannot be accessed.

I have a Dodgers Crypto Bobblehead Card, how do I get my NFT?

The card itself is a ETH wallet, your NFT is stored inside and can be unlocked by the owner of the card using the public ETH contract that manages these NFTs. see the steps below. To access your ETH wallet you will need to get an ETH wallet app or plugin that can decoded the give you access to the private key stored behind the scratch zone. The private key is encoded using a Mnemonic Phrase, so make sure you find a wallet from a trusted source that IMPORT the phrase in the scratch zone. Once entered into a wallet it will have full access to transfer your NFT. Once you have access to your wallet, you can view / access the Crypto Dodger NFT Contact on Etherscan at https://etherscan.io/address/0x05dbbe4baed86d9b1da83e67dea6326e2617dad2#readContract. From this website you can read the blockchain contract to ensure that this wallet has your NFT. You can also get the NFT details including MLB Player ID and DNA details. You can also use Etherscan to transfer you MLB NFT from this wallet to another wallet by submitting a transaction through the Etherscan website (That process can be difficult so we advise you ONLY do so if you are very experienced at processing ETH blockchain transactions).

  • Step One, you must detach the asset from the Dodger Card, you do this by running the function requestDetachment passing in the tokenID, this MUST be done using the ETH wallet on the card (you will need to add ETH to the wallet to cover gas fees).
  • Step Two, using the safeTransferFrom function of the contract to send the asset to another wallet.

I have a MLBC NFT on the old Marketplace how do I remove it from sale?

You can remove your NFT from sale via the old marketplace contact on Etherscan, it can be found here: https://etherscan.io/address/0xe7232a9fd8bf427aa41918bc008d32290e22990e#writeContract. Under Write Contract look for batchCancelSale list your assets IDs (example: [123, 111,10, 29]) and submit the transaction to remove them from sale. This must be done with wallet that owns these items. Write transaction to execute the cancel of the listed marketplace item you own.

How can I see what my MLBC NFT looks like?

1. Go to https://etherscan.io/ and input your Ethereum Address in the Search Bar 2. There is a section in your profile that says Erc721 Tokens Txns. Select this and you can scroll to find your Tokens from LucidSight-MLB-NFT. Select a Token ID to be taken to the Tokens webpage. 3. Copy the TokenID and then select Contract. From here you will scroll down until you reach 24. getCollectibleDeatils and select it to open the dropdown. Paste the Token ID you had copied and select Query. 4. Details will be populated, and under the attributes section is the DNA of the NFT. Copy the DNA. 5. For specialty figures (Events, Babe Ruth, Dodgers Bobbleheads) you will need to add their Override ID number as well. 6. Using the MLB Player ID you can Google a players Handedness and name. 7. Go to https://dcd2df.colyseus.dev/ and under the section DNA paste the string of numbers you copied from etherscan. Enter the override ID if required, player name, and select the correct handedness. Select Generate Model and you will see what your NFT looks like! NOTE* If you already know your TokenID, you can go to the MLBC contract and input the TokenID in the Collectible Details to view your NFT. MLBC Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8c9b261faef3b3c2e64ab5e58e04615f8c788099#readContract For the Dodgers Bobbleheads, you will need to get the DNA and Override ID from this contract: Dodgers Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x05dbbe4baed86d9b1da83e67dea6326e2617dad2#readContract